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Eh, genuinely, Mario's take on me is hilarious -- Miriam

Good to see Miriam O'Callaghan doesn't take herself too seriously.

The presenter took centre stage at the station's live broadcast of its New Year's Eve Show Live -- The Gathering at College Green on Monday night, which was attended by an estimated 15,000 people.

However, Miriam has been seen in a different light by TV viewers after she was parodied on Mario Rosenstock's Monday night show. But when asked by the Diary what she made of her alter ego, Miriam said no offence was taken.

"I love Mario, I think he's very funny. I was in Heuston Station recently and I was getting a coffee when I heard these guys beside me going 'Eh, genuinely', and I realised it was directed at me. I think it's really funny," she said.