Sunday 19 November 2017

Dubliners lose their mind over donuts as new deli Aungier Danger sells out hours after opening

Aungier Danger: Facebook
Aungier Danger: Facebook

New donut bar and deli Aungier Danger sold out hours after opening their doors for the first time as dozens of people queued up to sample their risqué treats.

The shop's shelves were wiped clean two hours after debuting their fresh donuts to the public on Dublin's Aungier Street last Monday.

The new addition to the city's southside plans to thrill dessert-lovers with its messy crime-scene theme and has christened the donuts with particularly grim names, including Banoffee Autopsy, Dublin Deathtrap and Cherry Gunshot.

Aungier Danger has taken up residence in a spot previously occupied by Rolling Donut.

The grimly delicious dessert-ery will open its doors at the crack of dawn (7.30am) throughout the winter to satisfy sweet-toothed punters hoping to get their sugar fix before work.

Aungier Danger: Facebook
Aungier Danger: Facebook

The donut makers have already established themselves on Instagram where they have been sharing photographs of the delicious offerings available in-store.

The treats pose particular appeal to early birds as the shutter of the shop will come down as soon as the treats sell out each day.

For those of a savoury inclination, the deli also plans to dish out hefty sandwiches on corn and chia loaf and will serve coffee made from beans that come from The Barn in Berlin.

Patricia Murphy

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