Thursday 18 April 2019

Drubbed Katy book has price cut to sell

It was supposed to be released with fanfare and was set to outline the true account of Katy French's death.

Instead, just four days after its release, The Last Days of Katy French is already available on special offer in Easons.

The book by Jason O'Toole is available today as part of a 'three for two' special.

The book has been blasted by friends of the tragic model, including Glenda Gilson and Gavin Lambe Murphy, who claim that O'Toole did not know French well.

It has been described as "heartless" and "exploitative".


The book alleges that the gardai called to the house of Keiron Ducie following a complaint from Katy's father John, but this knowledge was gleaned without the cooperation of Katy's family.

In the 'Acknowledgements' section of the book, Jason O'Toole makes no mention of Katy's family, Keiron Ducie or her close friends.

O'Toole states that his motives for writing the book were interviews he had had done with Katy and Keiron Ducie. He said it was "those initial interviews that ultimately inspired the idea of doing this book".

The book has gone on sale on the eve of the second anniversary of Katy's death after it had undergone strenuous legal scrutiny. However, although it may be safe legally it has been condemned in the court of public opinion.

A website set up in memory of the model has called on the book to be boycotted as well as the stores selling them.

It states: "Boycott on all book shops stocking Jason O'Toole's book about Katy French!"


Katy's close friend Glenda Gilson is furious about aspects of the book. "One thing that really annoyed me was that it was said that Katy's family weren't cooperating," she said.

"How dare anyone say a thing like that? I think it's a disgrace. Why the hell should they cooperate? They are still mourning their daughter, their friend, their sister.

"You have to ask, did he really know Katy? . . . It's sad and heartless to be bringing out a book like this now," she added.


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