Wednesday 16 January 2019

Driven mum Rachel set for early transformation

DUBLIN mum Rachel Walker may be transformed sooner than expected.

The 36-year-old Operation Transformation leader, who has consistently surpassed her weight loss target every week, could soon see her efforts pay off.

The Tallaght native has lost almost a stone so far and is now only seven pounds away from her objective for the show -- or 12st6lbs.

If she keeps on track in tonight's episode and once again loses more than her 2lbs target, she could complete her transformation a week early.

She told the Herald that she was determined to give it her best shot and avoid all temptation.


"I was always one for processed food but now I'm spending a lot more time in the kitchen, you have to be up earlier in the morning and it takes a little while longer but it's worth the effort," the mum-of-three said.

"When I have that done the rest of the day goes much smoother.

"I'm making a constant effort, I haven't been near a takeaway in I don't know how long.

The 5'4" brunette, who has already dropped to a size 16 from an initial 18, is also slowly changing the habits of her partner Karl and children Daragh (8), Cillian (4) and Connor (2).

"Karl would have meal with me, he always has what I have and although the kids do not always have the same, I try to make sure they do."

Rachel is particularly determined to tone up so she is no longer reminded of the hysterectomy she had to undergo when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer last summer.

Thankfully, the effects of the operation on her body are already slowly disappearing with her regime change and new fitness routine.

"I can see the difference already -- the muscles in my tummy are tightening up because Karl the fitness instructor has given me special exercises for around my midriff, I'm having great difficulty doing them but I struggled through," she told the Herald.

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