Thursday 23 November 2017

Dr Eva promises war on show smokers

Giving up smoking is no excuse for failing to lose weight, Operation Transformation nutritionist Dr Eva Orsmond has insisted.

The diet specialist acknowledges it will be tough for contestants Natalie Cox and Grace Batterberry to lose weight while giving up cigarettes.

"Of course it's going to be tough for them -- they have a lot of bad habits to give up -- but I don't think it will be any more difficult for them than for the other leaders," Dr Orsmond told the Herald.

"It's the perfect time for them to stop.

"If they start losing weight but don't address this issue, then they could start smoking more as they replace food with cigarettes.

"And if they try to lose weight first, then the pounds could start piling up again when they eventually stop smoking."

Dr Orsmond remarked that Natalie (24) and Grace (32) faced increased health risks because of their habits, like the other one million estimated smokers in Ireland. Smoking and being overweight or obese work together in clogging up and hardening your arteries, it increases your blood pressure and the overall risk of developing a cardiac disease," Dr Orsmond explained.

The two young women both lost their mums at a young age and will have to look at how this may have affected their emotional and physical well being.

Natalie, who lives in Dolphin's Barn with partner Michael and son Joshua, revealed in this week's episode she was just 17 when her mum died of septicemia.

She grew up with her younger sister Michelle, while Grace's dad looked after her. She was 16 when she lost her mum.

"They will be able to support each other through the process and will be going through similar experiences, so this should be a big help to them.

"January is a good month to start anything because so many people have made resolutions and you are bound to find people to support your endeavours," Dr Orsmond added.

Dr Orsmond admitted that she had a few resolutions of her own.

The health expert will be releasing her book this week, The Last Diet, and has taken up pole dancing to "look the part".


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