Wednesday 16 January 2019

DJ Chris's tears over Billie split

DJ Chris Evans fought back the tears as he spoke about his break up and divorce with Billie Piper.

Evans held a sell-out crowd enthralled at the Hay Festival, in mid-Wales, last night as he gave an intimate glimpse of his often tempestuous life.

The virtuoso performance took the form of a verbal roller-coaster ride which touched on the highs and lows of a tumultuous career.

Quiz mistress extraordinaire Anne Robinson took a back seat for once and allowed Evans full freedom to bare his soul.

Evans, the BBC Radio 2, Weekday Breakfast Show host, outlined his whirlwind romancing of Piper who was then a singing star.

He explained how he had wooed her with a Ferrari full of roses after buying the luxury car just one hour before in 2000.

A stunned salesman in the London showroom told Evans such things were not done, then went on to do it at the DJ's insistence.

"One hour later it was outside her [Piper's] flat full of roses, as many as I could buy, with a note saying 'Will You Marry Me?"'

He went on to describe the tempestuous period that both he and Piper had lived. "We both needed fixing and thought we could each fix each other," he said.

Asked about their break-up, Evans fought back the tears as he said: "We were totally in love and we were together for all the right reasons."

He added: "But to go back to the metaphor of fixing each other.

"We were fixed, where do you go from there?

"The greatest disservice we could have done for each other was carry on."


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