Wednesday 24 April 2019

Darren's parents will tell boxer's story on Late Late

The parents of tragic boxing star Darren Sutherland are to tell the story of the Olympic medalist's death on the Late Late show this Friday, they have revealed.

Darren's grieving parents Tony and Lynda told the Herald today that they will use the RTE platform to finally comment on Darren's passing.

Last week, the Sutherland family remained silent on their concerns over Darren's death, saying only that they would issue a statement following yesterday's burial.

But now Tony Sutherland has said that the family will wait until Friday to tell the nation their thoughts and feelings on the death of the 27-year-old Olympian.

"The things we have to say we will say live on RTE for everybody to hear," Tony explained at the family home in Navan.

"We will do it on the Late Late on Friday, so I do not want to comment until then."

Speculation has been mounting that Darren's family were angry at the boxer's management, led by Frank Maloney -- the man who discovered Darren dead in his London flat last week.

But Mr Sutherland refused to comment on whether Maloney or his family were welcome at Darren's funeral yesterday in Navan.

Moloney did not attend the funeral on doctor's orders, having suffered a heart attack after finding the body of the bronze medalist last week.


But his wife, Tracey, was among hundreds of mourners in the service in Navan town yesterday.

Afterwards, a close friend of the Sutherlands, Olive Murphy, said that Maloney or his family were not welcome.

The friend told reporters: "If I'd known, I would have gone up to her and told her to leave.

"She knew she wasn't welcome. It's disgraceful."

But Darren's parents declined to make any direct comment on that issue.

Mr Maloney confirmed he sent his wife Tracey, his mother Maureen and two other people who worked with Darren, psychologist Joe Dunbar and sports physio Heather Pearson, were at the funeral in Co Meath.

Mr Maloney said: "I deliberately chose my wife and mother because it meant something personal."


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