Monday 18 December 2017

Daniella to be a model apprentice

How refreshing it is to find a top Irish model doing something different, and choosing to exercise her mind instead of following the worn path of countless contemporaries by indulging in a deluded attempt to 'crack Hollywood'.

Daniella Moyles has revealed that her recent stint in Celebrity Apprentice has made her appreciate that exercising her brain is a far more rewarding pastime, saying: "It's made me realise I'm capable of more. I never thought I was a dolly bird, but it made me realise my capabilities run a lot deeper than I gave myself credit for."

Incidentally, Daniella was pictured in newspapers yesterday wearing shorts in order to publicise a mobile phone offer, and in a few weeks time is heading to the US, where she is going to meet some TV industry big wigs.

"I'm going over to do my first bout of screen tests and auditions," she revealed.

Er, hang on...

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