Tuesday 19 March 2019

Curtain up as Fair City's Orlaith pens her first play

FAIR City star Orlaith Rafter has traded her overalls for a pen and paper as she prepares to debut her first play this weekend.

The blonde beauty, who lit up the small screen as mechanic Robin Doyle on the Carrigstown soap, admits she is extremely nervous ahead of the opening of her first play Mercury Memory at the Flatlake Festival in Monaghan tomorrow afternoon.

Orlaith explained how she's currently on a year off from the RTE soap and decided to enrol in a theatre-writing course last year.

"I wrote the script at the very end of last year and I never dreamt it would be making it onto the stage," she told the Herald. "It's my first attempt at writing and I'm just so excited and nervous about showing it at the Flatlake Festival, where you've got the likes of Lily Allen playing and Crystal Swing.

"It's a really new experience for me just being the writer and not actually acting in it.

"There was a character in it that would have been perfect for me but I'm glad I decided to just stick to the writing because I probably would have been fit to be tied if I'd tried to do both."

Mercury Memory's storyline centres around three different generations of women with an all star line-up of actresses which includes Grainne Keenan, Ali White and Niamh Shaw.

Ambitious Orlaith is hoping to bring the production on tour over the summer.

The bubbly actress is also working on her first novel called Dream Weaver and is hoping to have the book on the shelves before the end of the year.

The Fair City actress has not ruled out a return to the small screen in future however, explaining how RTE bosses have not closed the door on a return for her character Robin.

"The door is still open because they never killed my character off and there is talk there of bringing her back."


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