Thursday 24 May 2018

Cox hopes to walk down aisle in size 10 dress

DUBLIN mum Natalie Cox (24) has revealed how she plans on walking down the aisle in a size 10 wedding dress.

The Operation Transformation team leader managed to drop an impressive 1st 12.5lbs over the course of the show, slimming down to 14st 7lbs and losing a total of 37.5 inches.

And the Crumlin native has vowed to stick to her weight loss plan as she intends to wear her dream dress when she ties the knot with her partner Michael, with whom she has son Josh (4).

The sales worker, who will show off her amazing transformation in the finale tonight, said it was full steam ahead now on planning her wedding.

"I wouldn't have gone dress shopping before. I would never have gotten married when I was big," she told the Herald.

"It's hard enough to find a dress that I like in a normal shop, never mind a bridal shop, I just wouldn't. Now I can start thinking about the future and planning for that.

"I would have to be a size ten, a ten to 12, walking down the aisle. I'm not that strict on myself."

She went on to say how her whole life has been transformed through taking part on the RTE show and her family life had improved radically as a result.

"Even though I did it for myself, I also did it for Michael. I feel I'm happy with myself now and it has all fit together like I hoped it would. It was tough at times because I had two bad weeks.

"In particular one week where I was munching on loads of nuts, 200 calories for a little palmful and I didn't even know. I said 'these taste gross, they must be healthy'.

"Another week, me and Dr Eva didn't really get along the best. I only lost 1.5lbs that week. It is hard to lose weight but if it was easy, then everyone would be the right weight."

She added: "I feel much better, much happier, like a different person. My birthday is in three weeks and I have a dress that I'd like to get into for that. I'm not far off it either, just a couple of inches.

"And then for the summer, I want to be in a nice pair of shorts - they don't have to be Daisy Duke shorts -- and a nice strappy T-shirt instead of wearing a big heavy jacket."

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