Monday 21 January 2019

Come dine with you? That meal's taking the mickey

IT MIGHT be fine dining for a student bedsit -- but a chicken and mash dinner has been voted the worst meal of the entire Come Dine With Me series.

And while the menu was described by its creator as "a sophisticated meal" -- a starter of cheese and tomato, the chicken and mash mains, and a jelly desert -- viewers have voted it 'the very worst'.

The dish cooked up by contestant Alexis O'Byrne was selected for her menu as a "sophisticated meal".

But the readers of TV Now have poo-pooed the meal and ranked it bottom of a poll for the new Irish series.

And the Waterford mum of three admitted she was very surprised that her main course came last in the TV Now rankings.

The magazine marked some of the most unappetising dishes of the TV3 reality programme in its latest issue, and Alexis's chicken fillet with garlic marsh was scored a measly -9 "for getting it plain wrong".

A picture of the dish was accompanied by the comment: "Words fail us -- is that mash or rice pudding?"

Alexis (46) told the Herald that she was still planned to follow the show "religiously".

"I was a huge fan of the show, I did it because I enjoyed it so much, and I'm still a fan," she told the Herald before defending her menu.

" Mine was a sophisticated evening, and it wasn't plain old mash potatoes slopped on like a school dinner [they were served on the side].

"I made chicken fillet steaks that were rolled up into a medallion in a white wine cream and lemon sauce with basil, they were served with garlic mash and green beans.

According to one of Alexis' fellow Waterford contestant, her menu may have sounded appealing and "tough competition", but the shape of the meat became the butt of joke throughout the evening after it was compared to a part of the male anatomy.

Alexis, who is originally from Surrey in England but has been living in Ireland for nearly two decades, admitted that she did not expect for her feast to garner such criticism.

"I didn't think anyone was competition," she said.

While she did not want to give away the winner of the Waterford episode, which is scheduled to air next month, she explained that the results had less to do with culinary skill than other aspects of entertaining.

"I'd say it was all down to who drunk the most and [what they felt like] when they were scoring -- you wouldn't know what they did," she remarked.

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