Sunday 16 December 2018

Collette bombarded with hate mail over TV footie show strip

MODEL-turned-personal trainer Collette McBarron was bombarded with abusive messages after her appearance on Sky Sports show Soccer AM.

The Donegal native told the Diary how she was stunned when a number of begrudgers made contact via Facebook to express their opinions on her decision to appear on the programme in a Chelsea strip and wearing skimpy shorts

Collette (26) who hit the headlines two years ago when she controversially quit her job as an army lieutenant, says their main grievance was the fact that the popular show has had a strong association with British troops for over 10 years now.

"I've received quite a few private mails full of abuse since the show aired and some of them have been really threatening," Collette explained.

"Some of them have been claiming that the Irish army 'won't be happy with you,' and things like that, because the show is broadcast to the troops in Afghanistan.

"I was actually quite shocked, it does put a bit of a dampener on it but I've been trying not to let it get to me. It's coming up on two years since I left the army and as far as I'm concerned I made the right decision.

"That's all in the past for me now and I just wish people would let me get on with my life. I live in London now. If people want to give out about me doing the show then that's up to them."


Fans of the show will have seen former Miss Ireland contestant Collette being interviewed about her love of Chelsea on the show, as well as doing a fitness challenge.

The Donegal beauty is now hoping to secure further freelance work with the station and says she is working on putting a showreel together.

Collette went on to explain how she had no qualms about trying to break into a predominantly male industry and had no regrets about appearing stripped down on TV.

According to the fitness guru: "I would completely disagree with anyone who thinks there was anything sexist about what I wore on the programme.

"I mean there are loads of women in the audience and Helen Chamberlain has been presenting the show for years. It's just all about the love of soccer.

"When I was on, I had fun. I was never made to feel like I was not an equal to anyone. I never felt I was being taken advantage or anything like that. It was just really light-hearted stuff," she added.

Collette added she wasn't in the least surprised to hear that Andy Gray had been let go from Sky Sports.

"When he's in such a position where his opinion has a lot of influence, I don't think he can be as prejudiced as he is.

"It was a shock when he was let go but they do have a policy where they have no tolerance for anything like that."

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