Monday 18 December 2017

Classy Holly is a lesson in dignity since Rory split

I WATCHED Holly Sweeney on TV the other night as she was taking part in Come Dine With Me.

Holly, as we all know, is the ex-girlfriend of golfing star Rory McIlroy. Holly and Rory were childhood sweethearts but then the fairy tale came to an abrupt end.

One minute, Holly was enjoying Rory's dizzy ascent to the top of the golfing world -- the next thing we knew, Rory was very publicly courting another sports star, Caroline Wozniacki.

Holly has behaved impeccably since the very public break-up of her romance, acting with great grace and dignity. She hasn't gone whingeing about being badly let down by the man she supported before he hit the big time. There's been no bitter tweets or snide public comments even though this young lady must have endured some public embarrassment and a bit of heartbreak.

Other young women can look to Holly as a role model: she's capable, confident and ready to move on.

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