Tuesday 12 December 2017

cheryl's bum art shows up double standards on tats

J Is the real reason everyone is so upset by Cheryl's Cole's tattoo because she's a woman? David Beckham also seems to be an attractive, nice enough, wholesome enough celebrity, like Cheryl.

He's covered in tattoos and there was never a reaction to his like there's been to Cheryl's in recent days. Is it that we see a tattoo as an act of vandalism and desecration of a beautiful object when it's on a woman's skin? Or that somehow people see it as self harm?

Come on. It's a cry for publicity more than a cry for help.

Or perhaps it's an exciting and bold form of self expression.

It's annoying though that Ms Cole is now upset with people commenting on it. She's a pop star who trades in image. You can't accept all the 'you're gorgeous' stuff and take issue when people don't like a dramatic image change.

But isn't having a tattoo all over your derriere a bit like wearing the same pair of pants everyday? A venial sin for a pop starlet clothes hanger I would have thought.

I couldn't care less for Cheryl Cole and couldn't give a monkeys what she tattoos on whatever part of her body. She can do what she likes. As long as I don't have to listen to her singing.

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