Friday 24 November 2017

Celebrity splits are so inevitable -- even for Vanessa and Johnny

It seems the Italian cruise ship wasn't the only thing heading for the rocks. In celeb land, similar fatal cracks appeared in what was, until now, considered one of the tightest unions about.

Yes, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis are set to split. After 14 years together, they are reportedly living separate lives, and while no official announcements have been made, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Depp appeared solo at the Golden Globes on Sunday night -- an action that sends out a very clear message, especially as Paradis was spotted wandering around a Hollywood shopping mall only hours before.

At the Golden Globes, Depp appeared more dishevelled than Captain Jack Sparrow. He arrived, did his piece on stage and left immediately afterwards through the back door. Not exactly the sort of behaviour one expects of a star on one of the biggest showbiz nights of the year.


It's not the first time in recent months that Depp has gone it alone without his long-time partner. Vanessa Paradis steered clear of the Cannes Film Festival, something that seemed unusual at the time, particularly as both work in the movie industry. But she pulled the 'looking after the kids' line and seemed to dedicate her time to Rose (12) and Jack (9).

Then, last November, when both were in Paris, Vanessa chose to go to a concert, rather than attend the premiere of Depp's new movie, The Rum Diaries, in the same city.

The writing seems pretty clearly on the wall alright, that the pair have been steadily drifting apart. and while Johnny is apparently seeking the advice of lawyers, the couple are said to be at different addresses in Los Angeles.

Like dog years, 14 seems to be a good innings for such a celebrity union. Much was always made of the fact that Depp and Paradis never married, and how this might have been the key to what appeared to be their everlasting union. That, and how they kept an incredibly low profile, only appearing together for the most important red carpet events.

But, it seems, 'for ever' is close to impossible when it comes to successful celebrity liaisons. I don't want to be the killjoy here, but when it comes to celebrity unions, should we really expect anything else?

Stars live their lives at such pace, often spending unhealthy amounts of time apart, that even the tightest of relationships are strained, and before you know it, someone is serving divorce papers. Just ask Katy Perry.

The cause for Johnny and Vanessa's separation is unclear. There's talk of Depp getting a little too partial to the rum (he's a proper pirate alright), just as there were loose rumours about him getting a little too partial to Marion Cotillard, his co-star on Public Enemies. And she might not have been the only one to see the movie star's flirty side.

Vanessa was spotted in Paris yesterday bundled up against the cold, but looked particularly glum in her grey woolly hat. Far removed from the beautiful woman in those Chanel ads.

So, now we wait to see what will happen next? Who will be bold enough to make the first public move. I'd like to take this opportunity to say Johnny ... if you're reading this, I give great cuddles.

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