Thursday 25 April 2019

Celebrity Diary: We have Eurovision nerves... but it's the right song and we will give it 100pc on Late Late

WE can't wait to get on to the stage at the Late Late Show tonight and show everyone exactly what we're made of.

And if the Irish people want to send the A-team to Germany next May, they better pick up the phone and vote for us.

It's going to be so cool having everyone finally hear our song Lipstick after having to keep it to ourselves for so long. We've been humming it in our heads all week.

We can't wait to meet up with Ryan Tubridy again. When we were on the Toy Show with him in 2009, he said that we were his favourite twins so he's obviously a big fan.

We met Louis Copeland during the week and he made us these brilliant new suits especially for our performance tonight.

He also made us some other suits for our new tour and TV appearances so we're going to be looking really sharp -- we can't let our fans down when it comes to our outfits, they expect a certain standard now.


We're not feeling too nervous about tonight, we know it's a competition but we feel that we have already proved ourselves. We've been around for more than a year, we went through the whole X Factor thing so this is just the next step for us.

When we were kids, we always watched the Eurovision and the acts all looked like they were having so much fun so it would be cool to experience that for ourselves.

When it comes to the other acts, we're not really concentrating too much on them. To be honest, we consider each other as our competition and we know we have the right song. It's a real pop-style song and has the kind of cool sound that will help us go really far in the competition.

We're going to be doing a really cheeky performance and giving it our usual 100pc.

The whole week has been spent in Dublin as we've been rehearsing and practising our routine all week long to make sure it's really sharp.

We flew back in from the UK last Sunday and we had a night off to just chill out. Monday morning we had a super early start at 6am as we had loads of interviews to do with radio stations and we started our rehearsals.

We didn't stop until 9pm and then we did it all over again the next day. We got to meet up again with Rebecca Creighton, who's singing with us, and our other backing dancers like Morgan Deane. They were all really cool.

On Tuesday we did a slot with Xpose which was really cool and then we had a meeting about doing a TV commercial with a fruit drink company in the UK. We can't say which one yet -- you'll just have to watch it.

We had more interviews on Wednesday but we don't mind because we love talking and spreading the love for Team Jedward.

Thursday morning we were up again at 6am to go into the studio and then we had to get our hair done with Louise Teasdale.

She used to do our hair when we were on the X Factor and she knows exactly what way we like our quiffs done -- we don't trust anyone else to do them.

Then it was out to RTE for a photocall and to meet with all the other acts who are going to be on Eurosong tonight. We did another full rehearsal and then we went back to the penthouse of the Dublin hotel that we were staying in.

We've been using that as a base for the whole week but of course, our fans managed to find us as they always manage to track us down.

John had to go out in a full disguise to do some shopping on Grafton Street so he dressed down in a hoody top and was trying to walk differently so no one would recognise him.

He still kept his shiny high tops on, though, as you can't compromise yourself too much.


We woke up kind of nervous at 6am this morning but we're not too bad now. We're just really excited about going on the Late Late Show again and doing our thing.

We're spending the day rehearsing and making sure our performance is the best on the night.

There has been lots of talk about this competition but at the end of the day, the best act will win -- and we hope that will be us.

Our single is going to be released for downloading just after the Late Late Show and then goes on sale at midnight tonight.

All our fans have been so cool and have been promising they'll buy it so we just hope they'll stick to their promise.

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