Friday 24 November 2017

Celebrity Diary: Ulrika is going to join me in panto -- and I've bagged a special role at Pippa's wedding...

THIS is my third week at home in my London apartment since winning Ultimate Big Brother and it still all feels like a dream.

It's good to be back in my own place and getting back to normality after being in the house for so long.

You get caught up in the whole whirlwind that is living in that house and subsequently winning the show -- for a second time in my case.

It's funny looking back on some of the episodes. I just think all my stuff is so cringy and why did I act the way I did or wear the clothes I did?

Taking part in Ultimate Big Brother was so much more of a media circus then when I went in the first time. It was strange having a whole new set of people in there with me, all of whom had been through it before as well.

The last time I took part, we were all so innocent and no one had a game plan or anything like that. This was so much more strategised.

I have to say I really, really bonded with Ulrika Jonsson, Nikki Grahame and Chantelle Houghton while we were in there.

Of course we were all obsessed with Chantelle and Preston's relationship and we could all see that they still had chemistry.

We didn't quite realise just how much interest there was on the outside though.

You read lots of things about it. Some magazines say they're together, others say they're not. I only believe what she tells me, which is for her to speak about and not me.

Herself, Nikki and Ulrika are all going to come over to Dublin before Christmas and star in the Cheerios Childline Panto for a night.

This is my third year doing it and for this one, which is going to be Beauty And The Beast, they have decided to introduce a celebrity theme, where we'll have one different high- profile person on stage with us each night.

I think it's going to add a really great element to the show.


I've actually been signed up to star in the panto for the next three years, which is very exciting.

For the upcoming one at the Tivoli Theatre, I'll be dragging it up again to play the part of Bridie once more.

While it's a great character to play and I really enjoy doing it, the actual process of getting ready for the show each night is a nightmare.

The constant tanning, waxing, putting on fake eyelashes and tons of make-up is really hard work. Not to mention walking around in stilettos all night. I don't know how women do it every day.

I'm going to have to start practising my walk again now so I don't fall over on stage.

My good friend Alan Hughes will also be starring in it again and Michele McGrath is going to be playing the character of Belle, so I'm looking forward to working with her.

I don't actually know her at all but I'm very good friends with Donal Skehan, who was in that band Industry with her.

Of course we'll have to get Pippa O'Connor back on stage for a night as well. We worked together last year and became great friends.

She was actually in London last week, so I had her and her other half Brian Ormond over to my place for dinner on Thursday night. We had a great laugh and I really enjoyed catching up with them.

She was organising some bits and pieces for the wedding while she was over there, so naturally there was lots of talk about that. I managed to persuade her to give me a very special role on the big day.

I'm going to be an usher in the church. I can't wait to say to everyone "Which side? Bride or groom?"

I was trying to persuade her hubby-to-be to allow me have an earpiece as well, so he's thinking about it at the moment.

I'm really looking forward to it, I've never actually been to the Ritz-Carlton where they're having it, but I hear it's fabulous.

And hopefully I'll have a nice date to bring with me on the day as I'm happy to report the love life is ticking over nicely right now.

I've just started seeing someone. He is involved in the industry and works in television and films, but I'd rather not say who he is just yet.

I was single for a long time before this, so it's nice to have something going on now.

My career has also never been better. I'm inundated with opportunities at the moment, but I've decided to just take some time off and contemplate my future before I make any decisions. There have been lots of offers and there has been talk of doing another reality show post Big Brother.

All I can say is nothing has been decided yet. I think doing another reality show might just kill me, but we'll see.

I also heard that I was going to be on Dancing On Ice, according to some of the papers, but I can 100pc confirm that it's not true.

Right now I'm just taking it day by day and I've been back and forth between Ireland and London a lot.

I was home last weekend to do the Brendan O'Connor Show. Sadie Frost and Paul Gascoigne were on as well.

Afterwards, I decided to hit the town and went to Krystle, where they were celebrating their fourth birthday, with some friends. They looked after us really well, we had a great night. The next day I went home to Kildare to my parents' house and they threw me a great welcome home party.

There were loads of streamers and stuff and all the clan were there to congratulate me.

I had to head back to the UK on Monday as I was hosting an entertainment show on Channel 5 for two days.

It's basically very similar to the kind of shows you see on E! and it was live, so I really enjoyed that challenge.


We also had the first copy of Cheryl Cole's new book on the programme. I thought it was fascinating the way she hadn't written a word about Ashley in it.

Yesterday I had a production meeting at The Ivy, which was very swish. It's where all the A-listers hang out so you're always guaranteed to meet someone famous.

I managed to squeeze in a little bit of shopping for the panto today and then it's back to Dublin for the weekend as I'll be appearing on The Apprentice -- You're Fired on Monday night.

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