Tuesday 25 June 2019

Celebrity Diary: Sean Munsanje

This week has been absolutely mental for me. I'm so thrilled about winning Total Xposure, but I'm finding it a bit weird that strangers are coming up to me on the street and congratulating me on the competition, and people are ringing me up to offer me free clothes.

It's a dream come true, but I'm not sure it has hit me yet.

Last weekend I went out with some friends to try to unwind before the big final. A friend of mine was having his 30th birthday celebrations in Residence so he had a big party with loads of friends.

It was nice to take the focus off the competition for a night and just chill out and not think about the show.

On Sunday I chilled out at home. My parents have been spending the summer in France -- they have a house there -- so they flew back for the show final, which was very daunting. I didn't want them to have come back only to see me not win. It was a great night. I made dinner for them in our place in Citywest and my brother and his girlfriend came over.

Monday was spent scouring the shops for my perfect outfit to wear on Tuesday. I went into town with my mum, she has great fashion sense, and she helped me decide what to wear. TV3 don't really give you any instructions on what outfits to pick for TV. The only thing they say is not to wear the colour blue as it's a virtual set so if you did, you would just show up on screen as a floating head!

We ended up in BTs and I got a couple of things that I thought would work well.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to read that the bookies had already paid out on my winning the show. To be honest, I was really annoyed about that, it caused me nothing but stress. Obviously TV3 don't tell the bookies anything but because loads of people had bet on me, they just took it upon themselves to pay out early. I thought there was no way that was going to work in my favour as people would just stop voting for me if they assumed I was already a shoo-in.

That evening, I headed out to my parents house in Santry and they had a big party for me with all my friends and family, there were around 100 of us there. It was cool to thank everyone for their support and for voting for me. We were only allowed to bring one or two friends out to the studio for the final show, so I left there early enough and headed out to TV3.

When Karen Koster (below left) called out my name to say I had won, it was an amazing moment, like some out-of-body experience.

I was convinced she was going to say Simon's name and afterwards was like a blur for me, it didn't sink in properly for ages. Of course we had to go out and celebrate so there was a wrap party for the crew in Residence. It was very different to going there a few days earlier when they had to check my name off a guest list at the door.

This time around, it was all "Congrat-ulations Sean!" as they welcomed me in. I went on to Lillie's to meet my friends and that was amazing, we were given free champagne and it was great fun.

I went home and got about two hours sleep before I had to go in to film Ireland AM. Ruth O'Neill and Simon had been out as well so we were all totally wrecked sitting on the couch. I went into town then for an interview with Ray D'Arcy on Today FM. That was good craic but he was having none of my suggestions that he should use a face pack or moisturiser after a hard night out on the town, he claimed it just wasn't for him.

Afterwards, I got a call from Louis Copeland who said 'well done' on winning and said he would love to discuss my wardrobe for the show with me, which is great.

I love his suits and I actually won the Best Dressed Man wearing one of them at the Fairyhouse races last Easter.

Then it was back to TV3 to talk to Xpose producers Brian and Debbie O'Donnell. They said they were really looking forward to me starting work for them.

I'll get my work contract from HR next Tuesday and I'll find out all the details of my salary and everything. I know it sounds really weird, but it's not really important to me how much I'm going to be earning, I just love the job. We all knew from the start that it was going to be a six-month contract but Debbie said that if I do well and they like me, they'll extend it and give me a new one so there's everything to play for.

I don't start work until September so I'm going to book a last-minute sun holiday somewhere and just chill out after all the hard work.

I reckon a guy is just the thing that Xpose needs. The girls are thrilled too because there's going to be no fighting at photocalls over who wears what or a scramble for the best clothes. Plus, my make-up only takes two minutes and I shave my head so there's no need for a hairdresser, where they all have to wait for ages to get theirs done before going on camera.

A gay guy brings a different vibe to things. I'm hoping to do a lot more about men's fashion in Ireland and tips on male grooming, which is a huge business in Ireland. Irish guys are definitely looking better these days but they can always do with some expert pointers and that's where I'm going to come in -- I'm on a mission to style the nation's men!

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