Thursday 17 January 2019

Celebrity Diary: Madeline was too busy for the new video but we've another model, Holly...a proper babe!

WE'VE had a busy week promoting our new single I Wanna Fight Your Father and gigging all over the gaff, so we'll be spending the weekend chilling out and partying.

There had been talk of us doing the Late Late Show with Ryan Tubridy tonight, but that won't be happening because of the General Election. They had the cheek to call it for the same day our new single went on sale, so Tubs missed out on an exclusive.

Apparently they can't broadcast live on polling day, so he had to pre-record the show this week. Although if it was Jedward they'd probably have made an exception!

There's been lots of talk about them doing the Eurovision, but to be honest we have no interest in the Eurovision at all, we certainly wouldn't have gone for it our -- selves. We're professional comedians, we wouldn't want to be associated with that.


Jedward are lovely boys and they've done great, but they're a bit soft for our liking. Let them on with it, the best of luck to them.

RTE are going to show the new video on Two Tube this evening at 6.30pm instead, so fans can check it out then.

We've also had lots of questions about whether we're going to be back on the next series of the Republic of Telly, but it's not something we want to discuss

at the moment. We were delighted with the IFTA though. It was nice to get the People's Choice Award, although we couldn't be there that night to accept it.

Horse Outside has got over six million hits on YouTube so far, so we'll see how this goes down. It has already been causing controversy all over the place. To be honest we don't give a f*** how it goes down with the public, though.

We only did Horse Outside on RTE's Republic Of Telly for the laugh.

Again this one is just another song having a bit of craic, and we're happy with it, that's the main thing. It was played for the first time on the radio yesterday, on the John Murray Show and we had a couple of hundred views on YouTube within minutes.

We were wary about it being on Radio One, because everyone who works there has a reputation for being total nerds! We had to go on at 9am and talk crap to him about our new single and all the rest. It went all right, even though we'd had barely any sleep the night before.

We were woken up shortly after 7am with someone on the phone from RTE. We hadn't got to bed until after 5am on Wednesday night because we had to drive back up to Dublin from Carlow.

We had played at The Temple and sold the place out -- there were a few hundred people there. It was a great laugh because it was rag week and everyone was up for having the craic. Other than that we've just been really busy doing press for the new tune, which we generally hate.

Some of the people we meet are nice, but mostly they all just keep asking us about our horse and we're fed up talking about it.


We're also releasing an Irish language version of I Wanna Fight Your Father, so we're busy working on that at the moment. It's tricky enough since we don't speak Irish fluently but we should have a video to go with it as well. Madeline Mulqueen, the model in the video for Horse Outside, was too busy to do this now that her career has taken off, so we got ourselves a new girl. Holly Pienaar is the model we used in the video as Roisin. She's from Limerick and a proper babe.

We actually spotted her walking along the road one day and asked her would she like to be in our music video. Of course she said yes.

We used over 60 extras to make it, as well as three animal wranglers and 500 pounds of cod from Limerick's Donkey Ford's chipper, the best in town. Most of it was shot in our hometown of Limerick, but the last scene was at South Studios in the Liberties in Dublin. The plan for the weekend is Monaghan. We have a gig at Mexx tomorrow night, so we're planning a big party afterwards.

The Rubberbandits new single, I Wanna Fight Your Father, went on sale at 9am this morning and is available for download on Itunes and in stores nationwide on the Lovely Men Label See Colette Fitzpatrick

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