Tuesday 25 June 2019

Celebrity Diary: Liam McCormack

I went to see AC/DC last weekend, having seen them in the O2 arena last April where they were just awesome.

At the time, I thought there was only one way you're going to top that gig -- and that's going to see them outdoors. How wrong I was. As it turned out, Punchestown seemed to suffer the same problem as Slane, in that getting there and back was a nightmare.

Myself and two other mates got the bus out but we were just crawling along for hours, so we hopped out. It was still a fair old trek to the venue and when we saw our same bus passing us by, we were sickened.

Luckily, a mate of mine was driving by in a camper van job and I roared at him 'have you got room for three?' so we hopped into the van and had a beer in there. We ended up getting quite close to the stage so we had a brilliant view.

We got totally lashed on but the gig was amazing. Considering Angus Young is in his fifties as is Brian Johnson and they were still giving it socks.


At one stage, they got up onto this platform which elevates about 15 feet into the air and Angus had his Gibson SG guitar with him. He's standing there in a pool of water, getting lashed on and still doing the bunny hops and the cartwheels and you're thinking 'surely to God this could end badly?' It's all just unreal.

The best bit was Whole Lotta Rosie where this massive balloon of Rosie appears and they have this train which crashes onto the stage. It was worth seeing it for that bit alone. It was total rock and roll indulgence.

The gig finished at around half 11 and then we made tracks to get a bus for about 12 but I don't think we were actually home to the city centre until about 3am so it was quite an ordeal.

Thankfully, I was off on Monday morning so I went to see The Hangover, which was an appropriate choice for me. It was a little bit over-hyped, because I heard this was the top movie to see this summer.

It was funny, but not as hilarious as I expected. Zach Galifianakis stole the show. He has got this crazy naivety about him which is just mad. It was lucky I didn't see it a few weeks beforehand as it was my future brother-in-law's stag night and we went up to Belfast, so I would have got some serious ideas about how we could have spiced things up.

We recently finished up filming on TTV for the season and we had a cool ending to it. The American rapper Flo Rida came in ahead of his Vicar Street gig and that was great.

He came in with the full entourage and these mountain-sized men beside him. We had a chin wag before the show and I was thinking 'Is he going to be one of these grunters?' as that would have made it a very long four minutes.

He was actually really cool. With about 20 seconds to air, he turned around and said 'I've got to get my jewellery' and one of his bods walks in with this shoebox and he proceeds to basically put on a bicycle wheel around his neck! The interview went well, he was good craic.

Ironically, our wrap party had the theme of 'pimps and ho's' so of course I invited him along. We kicked off initially in RTE and went on to Kiely's where we bumped into Ray Houghton and Ronnie Whelan.


We convinced them to come to Lillie's where we ended up head-banging to Bohemian Rhapsody, conducted by Ray himself. It was a mad night, all the gang were there including Aidan Power, Dan Kennedy and Sarah Morrissey. I'm a fortunate soul as the TTV production crew is mainly women and they were all done up to the nines, while I was dressed as a proper pimp.

Yesterday morning, I headed off to the Mansion House for a Barretstown Camp photocall in the rain. It was me with people like Senator David Norris and some of the Fair City gang and we were out there launching the Board A Bus fundraising event.

Barrestown is such a magical place, I turned into a total kid out there. They had this fire truck limo for the kids that we all piled into and I was so impressed with it, I kept it for my 30th birthday so I could arrive in style at Krystle for my party.

Another highlight of the season was getting a few heads to resit their Leaving Cert exams. We persuaded gaelgoir Blathnaid ni Chofaigh to do the Irish paper and she got something like 70pc. But it was amazing just how competitive she was getting about it. Afterwards, she was going 'clearly the examiner was from Munster -- he just didn't understand me.'

Top of the class was Gerry Murphy who did the Physics paper and the look of disbelief on his face when we told him he had got an A in the paper was just hilarious.

This weekend, I'm going to my mate Declan's wedding at Maryborough House in Cork, where I lived for five years.


He used to work with me in RTE Cork as well and it's insane, as he was the bloke that couldn't hold a relationship down for two weeks -- and now he's getting married.

To be honest, it's wedding fever in my house at the minute as my sister Irene is getting married to her long-term man Wayne on July 22. I'm playing guitar at the actual wedding and given that they're my family, they have to cheer me on.

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