Thursday 17 January 2019

Celebrity Diary: I'm busy working out ahead of my Dragons' Den debut - being on TV reveals your wide angles

I'VE been on the go since 6.30 this morning, when I had a session with my personal trainer. There's nothing like being on television, with a very wide angle focused on your wide angle areas, to make you focus on quickly losing the weight.

I started with the personal trainer about six months ago and three mornings a week I get up at 6.30am and I do my workout.

I'm not at the point where I feel entirely comfortable being with really fit people in the gym. Until I get to that point, I'll just keep ploughing away on my own.

You find yourself sitting at a desk all day or driving cars instead of walking. It feels great to be doing something about it now.

I've had a lot going on this week with the launch of TV series Dragons' Den, and then tonight there's a few of us going on to The Late Late Show.

My mother always said that it doesn't matter what you do in Ireland, you haven't made it unless you're on the Late Late.

At this stage of the week, I would usually be in London for London Fashion Week. I would have been to the first shows yesterday, doing some great support for Paul Costelloe and John Rocha. I'll definitely miss that this year, but Dragons' Den takes priority this week.

Wednesday afternoon was the first time I saw the edited version of the show at a special screening in Residence.


Later that evening, we had a bit of a chance to unwind and have a catch-up over a few drinks when we had a launch party.

We shot it last December and January during those cold snowy days, so it already seems like a lifetime ago.

We're going to watch the actual televised show itself on Sunday evening from Tenerife.

I have been working without a break since July, which included some long trips to Asia and working over Christmas and New Year, so we planned the mid-term break with my son.

Unfortunately, it's very badly planned in that the guys decided to have the election in the middle of it. We've been trying to figure out all sorts of ways to vote, but the best I can do is that I've found someone to cancel me out.

I have it all organised for us to have a little party and to watch the first episode of Dragon's Den together in a much warmer climate.

I'm not too nervous about it. I'm sure there will be comparisons between myself and my predecessor Sarah Newman but as far as I'm concerned, I'm just myself.

I actually don't know Sarah at all, as I've never met her. I've been planning for a long time to meet up with her and I definitely would like to have a coffee with her. I don't know how I would compare with her to be honest.

It was really good fun, I'm delighted I was working with the guys; Sean Gallagher, Gavin Duffy, Niall O'Farrell and Bobby Kerr.

I was a little nervous about that because they were like four boys who had worked together all along and I was the new girl at school, but they were very nice to me. I think I stood up for myself too. I've been in boardrooms with chairmen who tore strips off me and I just dust myself down and get back to business. It was really good, I enjoyed the process enormously and yes, just like any woman I shopped and wanted one of everything.

There were a lot of investments this time around, it was a good year. I was surprised at how much I found interesting to me.

The nice thing is that, for the most part, we're listening to very interesting people and I love business so I was very interested all the time in finding out how does their business work? How does the money go in? How does it go out? Will I be able to make money out of the business? So you get lost in that really quickly.


I had worked in television before, in London, so I'm used to it. You do forget after a while about the cameras, you're not conscious of it. I wish I'd been more conscious of it, actually.

I still try and fit in the social life as much as I can though and my week actually started off on a very busy note.

I managed to fit in a day at the Hennessey Gold Cup at Leopardstown last Saturday afternoon, as they're great clients of ours, followed by the IFTAs that evening.

I loved it, had a fantastic night and I rather enjoyed the after-show party too much. It was great celeb-watching. Hopefully, next year I would expect we'll be up there.

On Monday evening, we took my mum and my son out for Valentine's Day.

I think for most of my son's life I've actually blamed him for my weight problem.

I used to always say babies come in small, medium and Ouch -- and I had a big 10lb Ouch! I also went back to work too quickly and I liked to say that's why I put weight on.

Until sometime recently he said, 'Oh come one mum, I'm nearly 12 now, you can't keep saying that.' It was a bit of a wake-up call.

We went to one of my favourite restaurants, Dax, and we exchanged silly presents. Sometimes it's nicer to have the people you love around, rather than just the one you love.

And of course the people watching is amazing. You could pay more for theatre performances than the entertainment you get on Valentine's night watching awkward couples and nervous men about to propose.

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