Wednesday 13 December 2017

Celebrity Diary: Darren Kennedy

It's fair to say, I've had quite an eventful week. It started off with me going to Budapest, ended with me travelling to Belfast, and in between, saw me talking about whether Lady Gaga has some unladylike bits on the Gerry Ryan Show.

Last weekend, I went to Hungary to celebrate Mavlev Airline's 10th birthday for a quick stop-over in the city. It was great, such a laugh and we went sight-seeing all over. We stayed right in the city centre, ironically given that I'm a stylist, on a road called Fashion Street. The highlight for me were the natural hot baths -- I would have been happy to stay in those all day.

On Sunday, I was really busy. I was doing the first of my style sessions in Saba restaurant so I'm going to be doing those every couple of weeks with a different theme. There were 12 people there looking for some style advice so I had gone and got sample clothing from a mixture of Clarendon Street stores. We had a big styling session and they all got to experiment with clothes. Everyone was very honest with each other and said it straight out if something didn't work. A lot of the participants were very busy women who had put their personal style on the backburner for a while after having babies or whatever.

I lived in Paris after I graduated and there's some super-stylish people over there. Having said that, I nearly ended up on some dodgy reality show while I was there. It was made by Endemol, the same company behind Big Brother, and I was invited to try out for it. It was different people from all over Europe living together in a house with cameras and it was called Nice Story. I have no interest in reality shows at all and I was really torn between whether I should do it or not. I was relieved I didn't get through as it was a total flop in the end, just like the English Big Brother.

On Monday, I got my daily blog in order. It's called 'helpmystyle.ie' and it's about my sourcing different fashion items from around the world. I recently linked up with the 2FM website for a blog called '2style' so I'm really busy with that.

That evening, I went to Brown Thomas with my sister Andrea for their fashion show and I was really impressed by the See by Chloe range but some of the other stuff wasn't great. My pal Sean Munsanje was there filming his first slot for Xpose -- I think he'll be fantastic, I was delighted he got the gig.

Wednesday morning I did my usual slot on the Gerry Ryan Show and that's always about really different stuff. We were talking about the Video Music Awards which were on earlier in the week and about the rumours about Lady Gaga. It was probably not the usual conversation you have on early morning radio but we ended up talking about the rumours that she could be a man! I was shown this clip on YouTube where she was performing on stage and her dress got hiked up too far, appearing to show body parts that you wouldn't expect to see on a woman. I thought her outfits were truly hilarious at the VMAs.

At one stage, she was wearing what looked like a bird's nest around her head. She's a true performer and always takes it to the max in everything she does. I wasn't mad on that thing she did with the blood though. One minute she was singing away and the next minute, she was covered in all this blood. It was so gory but she's just a real limelight-loving character.

Myself and Gerry always end up talking about all kinds of weird and wonderful things. We did an item not so long ago about the horrible creepy crawlies that share your home and it got a great response from listeners. One guy rang up to say that he had fallen asleep and he woke up, he felt something scratching inside his throat -- it was a spider. Every time he tried to swallow, he felt it crawling back up his throat. He had to go to hospital in the end, the poor guy.

On Wednesday evening I went along to support the Buy a Bandana launch for Barretstown in the Thomas Prior Hall in Ballsbridge, which is a great campaign. There were loads of familiar faces at the launch like Aidan Power, Liam McCormack, Amy Huberman and Gordon D'Arcy. It was a real carnival party with stilt walkers and fire-eaters which was cool. I actually cycled to the event in my attempt to be environmentally friendly but then forgot my light so had to get a lift home with my bike in the boot. I was so happy to see they have introduced the Dublin Bike scheme -- I was a huge fan of cycling around when I was in Paris.

Last night, I was up to my eyes packing to head to Biarritz.

Myself and my partner are heading off and I can't wait. I love the surfing over there and just chilling out. Tonight I'm heading up to Belfast as I'm hosting the Style Stage at the Wedding Journal Show so that's going to be great fun. Depending on how exhausted I am, I may or may not head out afterwards tomorrow night.

I always say I won't and then I do!

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