Friday 24 November 2017

Celebrity Diary at Oxegen

Charlize and Stuart make a great couple, but she won't be becoming my sister-in-law just yet

Everyone always asks me about when my brother Stuart will make an honest woman of his girlfriend Charlize Theron.

But I can honestly say, I think they're just happy together and I don't see them ever changing that dynamic as it works so well for them right now.

There was talk of a baby some day alright, but I have never heard them discussing getting married.

And I think that nowadays, more and more people are choosing to just be together without making anything official, it's only a piece of paper after all -- it doesn't change your relationship.

I've spent a lot of time with Charlize over the years, we've been on several holidays together and she's just the best craic, she's such a fun girl.


She has a special place in her heart for Ireland. People don't notice her as much over here, which she finds massively refreshing.

It's not like over in LA where she could have photographers following around in a van for three hours. I've seen it happen and it's madness.

But when she's here in Ireland, she just relaxes completely. She's a nice girl, people respond well to her and Stuart has shown her some of the best sights.

I'm working at Oxegen this weekend on an environmental initiative. I did ask Stuart to buzz over for it but he's busy working at the moment so can't make it.

He wrote and directed his new movie Battle in Seattle which comes out in America in September but the UK and Ireland are still undecided about whether to buy the distribution rights.

I've seen it three times and I think it's phenomenal. I watched it in Toronto and the film got a standing ovation for 10 minutes, so hopefully it will get the same response in Europe.

It screened in France recently and Stuart was chuffed with the audience's reaction. They were really enthusiastic and everyone was very open to it.

This week has been a blur of meetings and planning for Oxegen. Last weekend, one of my friends who had just come back from travelling for two years so we had a bit of a session in his house.

We ended up going into the South William, which played some pretty retro beats. I like that place a lot.

On Sunday, I got my surf board and headed out to Portmarnock as there were some good waves out there for a change. It's honestly the best way to get rid of a hangover and the water wasn't actually that cold.

That evening, I took it easy with my girlfriend Rani Dunne. We've been going out for about 18 months and we share a house together in Portobello.


Last Monday, I had a meeting with the Challenge Europe organisation.

It's a new initiative brought together by the British Council who have picked 20 people from each country to get together and work on climate-change policies.

We've decided to get involved in a new festival initiative that's being done all over the UK but it's the first time for Oxegen.

Basically it works around the theory that a lot of the carbon emissions from a festival come from people arriving in cars so we want to analyse the methods of transport that people are using to get down there.

We'll have people at the start of the carpark and at the park-and-ride sites, asking festival goers a couple of quick questions about their transport choices and what they think of Oxegen generally.

They're doing the same thing at the six major festivals in Britain so we're going to collate all the data at the end.

I got into the whole cause when I worked as a environmental journalist. It's a subject very close to my heart as I'm also a director of a biodegradable company called Earthstream Bio Packaging, which I've been running for six months.

Wednesday was spent preparing for Oxegen and getting out my wellies and raincoat. I don't really mind the rain but I'm preparing myself for the worst.

I headed out to Punchestown yesterday to start our surveys and it's the same thing today.

Hopefully, I'll get to see some of the bands as well. I'm a massive music fan and have been to Oxegen for the past six years so I'm a veteran at this stage.

There's always a brilliant atmosphere down there and MCD have a great line-up.

I'm looking forward to seeing Aphex Twin, he's a mad yoke and you never know what he's going to play.

I'm also looking forward to Justice, they're pretty cutting edge, as well as the Raconteurs.

I saw them perform in Denmark before and they're out of this world.

When it comes to someone like Amy Winehouse, I wouldn't be rushing to see her. Although I think she's very talented, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that she can pull it off -- she's a loose cannon, after all.

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