Thursday 23 November 2017

Caroline is just busting to have a laugh in match

RORY McIlroy's girlfriend, tennis star Caroline Wozniacki, is eager to prove she's game for a laugh.

And she was clearly in top form during a match in Brazil.

Last week, raunchy photos of Rory's ex, Holly Sweeney, emerged.

And it appears that anything Holly can do, Caroline (22) can do better, as she stuffed towels up her top to boost her bust.

But while Holly was trying her best to do a full-on sexy photoshoot, Danish native Caroline was more interested in having a laugh, as she did an impersonation of fellow top pro Serena Williams.


Wozniacki padded her outfit with towels to impersonate her rival during her tennis match against Maria Sharapova on an exhibition tour in Sao Paulo.

It appears as if she was playing up for Rory, who was at her game. But perhaps the play-acting affected her concentration, as she lost to Sharapova in straight sets.


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