Friday 15 December 2017

...but his death inspired Marty's new health kick

Marty Whelan has said that Gerry Ryan's death has inspired him to lose weight.

The RTE star (54) said that the death of the 2fm icon, who grew up near him on Dublin's northside, was a massive wake up call when it came to taking care of himself.

Asked about his recent weight loss, Marty explained: "Gerry Ryan's death was part of the reason. I'm of an age that I have to watch myself, but sometimes it takes a fright to make you.

"Gerry was not the only reason, but he was a pretty big one. My wife Maria was very conscious of that too. Everything came together to make me do something and I feel so much better. It makes a huge difference not just physically, but psychologically. I feel a different person.

"I'm still doing the same things, still happy and enjoying life. I refuse to stop having takeaways, enjoying a glass of wine and living life, but it's about finding a balance. I wouldn't have heard the word balance when I was 30, but I'm hearing it now."

The 'comeback kid' has also admitted how he has endured some tough times over the years -- and thought his broadcasting career was all but over after his 1989 move from RTE to Century Radio, which subsequently went bust.

He faced an uphill battle to return to RTE, which he did in the mid 1990s and has built up an eclectic CV there ever since. There was huge shock over the sudden axeing of the popular chatshow programme Open House in 2003 followed by the decision not to continue his 2fm breakfast show.

He is currently co-presenting Winning Streak with Kathryn Thomas and a new show on RTE's Lyric FM.

"I didn't think I would work again on RTE radio," he told VIP Magazine. "The fact that I do and it has worked out is phenomenal. It did take a long time, but the media world has changed and the joy for me is that I am now fulltime in radio. It's quite magnificent because I missed it. But TV was very good to me; that's how we ate when I wasn't doing radio."

He added: "I'm very conscious of the fact that in my business things can happen. Some of the choices I've made may have not been the wisest, but that happens."


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