Sunday 17 December 2017

Bulletin from Daniella -- I had teenage crush on my co-star Aidan

MODEL-turned-TV presenter Daniella Moyles has revealed how she and her new RTE co-star Aidan Power got off to a rocky start when she informed him that he had been her teenage crush.

The bubbly Kildare beauty explained how the broadcaster, who is very much loved up with long-term girlfriend Vivienne Bushell, was stunned by her admission when they first met to begin filming the new RTE adventure series Bulletin TV last summer.

Daniella (22), who is single, told the Diary how she and Aidan are now the best of friends after travelling the world together to film the new programme.

"I actually used to have the biggest crush on Aidan when I was a teenager and he was presenting the Cafe," she explained. "I told him all about it when we met. I don't know what he thought really, I think he was just very embarrassed. He didn't know what to say.

"Obviously that was a long time ago and he's spoken for. It was just funny when we ended up working together.

"He's a lovely guy. We would always travel together for filming but interviewed the people for the show separately.

"Sometimes it got very competitive between us as the people we were meeting were often up against each other, so we would both be cheering on the opposition.

"We went to New York, Philadelphia, Madrid, Austria, Glasgow and all over Ireland as well."

Daniella is still counting her blessings after beating off stiff competition from more experienced presenters to land the coveted job.

And she admits she owes a lot to TV3's reality show Total Xposure which first alerted producers to her talent in front of the camera.

According to the Assets beauty: "I was very lucky in that the job kind of fell into my lap. I really do appreciate how blessed I've been.

"I haven't experienced any negativity. Nothing like that. I haven't actually met any of the female presenters in RTE yet."

"Hopefully people will like the show and it will go down well," she added.

Daniella is well established as a model, having come second in the Miss Ireland contest three years ago.

However she says viewers will be seeing a whole new side to her when the first episode of her new TV show airs on RTE 2 at 7pm tonight.

"It's definitely going to be a much more dressed down version of me. I'll be wearing little to no make-up at all times after getting up at 6am and travelling for hours sometimes."

" I really enjoyed having the opportunity to show that side of myself for a change," she added.

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