Friday 24 November 2017

Bring back Mr Nice Guy, Brian... you're not Simon Cowell

What's happened to that sweet man Brian Kennedy? Here's a nice guy who's got 20 years into quite a successful singing career, making a living, keeping fans happy and offending no one (that we know of).

Then suddenly, in the space of eight days, he throws two hissy fits on TV -- and manages to provoke a studio audience into cheering for the other guy.

And when you think that the other guy is an English tabloid journalist who prides himself on dishing the dirt on our celebs, that's takes some doing.

Kennedy's performance on Brendan O'Connor's show on Saturday night veered between the bitchy and the downright bizarre.


O'Connor teed up his entrance perfectly, allowing tabloid hack Paul Martin to prattle on about the high points of his career and making fun of Brian Kennedy's music.

Enter Brian Kennedy.

But just when the audience should have been watching the hack squirm with embarrassment, Kennedy manages to swing the viewers to Martin's side.

In as childish a show of petulance as we've seen in a while, Kennedy makes as if to shake hands then pulls back and cocks a snook at Martin.

Then he sits, twists away from Martin -- and proceeds to have a go at O'Connor.

Where on earth did this person come from?

The Brian Kennedy we thought we knew was this soft-spoken man, with that lovely, lilting, soothing accent.

Okay, we mightn't remember much of what he said in interviews, but we didn't dislike him. He's been popping up on shows here and there over the years, without stirring even the slightest of controversies.

And now this -- a wine throwing incident and a grumpy, bad tempered appearance on a popular chat show.

And while we're at it, the new look of his is also... well, a bit off.

He's still good looking, well groomed and appears to have been spending time in the gym.

But the denim jacket he wore on O'Connor's show?

Oh Brian, wiser men than you have learned that after a certain stage in life, denim is best left to the kids.

With his central role in the new talent show, The Voice, Brian was always going to be be getting a bit more coverage these days than he's been used to in recent years.

Maybe he fancies himself as a bit of a Simon Cowell -- complete with ascerbic putdowns and take-no- prisoners attitude.

The thing is, Cowell tended to keep that for when he was actually doing the judging -- not for sideshows away from the main gig.

Maybe he thinks it's all a great way of focusing attention on the new series. Or could it be that this is what Brian is really like and he's been fooling us for years?

Nah, we can't believe that.

That would mean we'd been fooled for years by this likeable guy with a great voice and a sweet persona.

So come on Brian, you've tried the Mr Nasty act -- and we're not impressed. Bring back Mr Nice Guy.

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