Tuesday 21 November 2017

Brave mum gave me Voice boost -- Claire

Victorious Voice auditionee Claire O'Loughlin was given strength at her audition by having her cancer-battling mum by her side.

Claire's mum Joan Byrne insisted on attending the talent show auditions to provide moral support for her daughter.

Mrs Byrne was recovering from cancer and had just had half of her stomach removed, but it didn't stop her from standing by her daughter's side.

"This year has been particularly tough. My mum had cancer. She got it at the end of the summer," Claire told the Herald.

"She came with me to the blind auditions and she had only just got part of her stomach removed. It was the longest day of my life -- I can only imagine what it was like for my mum."


Mrs Byrne went through six months of chemotherapy and radiation. She is now well on the road to recovery.

Claire (30) said: "She was the sickest she has ever been 10 days after her treatment finished -- this was a couple of days before Christmas. But on Christmas morning she was all clear of it. It was the best Christmas ever.

"I had just wrapped on The Voice, my brother told that his wife was expecting and my sister got engaged on Christmas Eve. We cried our eyes out."

Claire, of Castleknock, is gearing up for the live auditions which will kick off over the next few weeks. Singer Brian Kennedy has selected the mum-of-two for his team.


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