Sunday 19 November 2017

Brad took a long hard look in mirror ... and was still depressed

FAIR dues to Brad Pitt for being so forthright this week about his battle with depression back in the 1990s.

He may have been oozing wealth, fame and good looks but, he says: "I was hiding out from the celebrity thing; smoking way too much dope; sitting on the couch and turning into a doughnut."

"I really got irritated with myself," says Brad. "I got to, 'What's the point? I know better than this'."

Thankfully, he doesn't have to deal with depression anymore. Two decades on and he's oozing wealth, fame and good looks, has a string of hit movies behind him and is with one of the best-looking (if not scariest) women in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie. But now he's happy.

Brad is living proof that talent and success is no guarantee of happiness, because depression knows no such bounds -- it's the ultimate leveller. He has also proven that sometimes all it takes is a good, long look in the mirror to decide to get the help you need.

And whether or not you're lucky enough to see someone as good looking as Brad Pitt staring back at you, things can come good again in the end.

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