Tuesday 21 November 2017

Botox queen Danielle's terror as Mini bursts into flames on road

BOTOX queen Danielle Meagher was left terrified on the side of the road after her Mini Cooper caught fire.

The star, who hit the headlines recently after apologising for saying Sharon Corr needed Botox, was left in tears when she was forced to abandon her Mini on the N11 and she says she can't afford a new car.

The single doctor, who is due to star in new TV3 series Southside Housewives, told the Herald that she got the shock of her life when she saw her car was on fire.

"People were beeping at me and I heard screams saying my car was on fire. I looked around and there was smoke everywhere. I got out of the car and turned off the engine, there were flames and smoke and I was so terrified, I was crying at the side of the road.

"I'm a tough cookie but I was just so scared," she explained.

And although we will be seeing Danielle (31) living a lavish lifestyle in Southside Housewives, the socialite admitted that she was hoping a car company will sponsor her.

"I honestly would not be able to buy myself a new car right now, the banks aren't lending any money. I'm into full filming of Southside Housewives this week and I'm going to be getting taxis everywhere now.

"I have had a few offers for sponsorship already but I would love a Range Rover."

Danielle believes that her car was a part of the 235,000 fleet callback last week, after reports that some of the vehicles' water pumps were catching fire.


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