Thursday 23 November 2017

Botox queen battles against abusers

BOTOX queen Danielle Meagher has insisted she is "a nice person" after a barrage of abuse.

The doctor says the "whole situation has gone completely out of hand" since she suggested that Sharon Corr needs some work done.

According to Danielle, the comments seriously backfired and she has found herself having to defend her profession.

The Dubliner, who will feature in TV3's new reality series Southside Housewives, has even been accused of enforcing "toxic" treatment.

"This whole situation has gone completely out of hand. I am a nice person and I'm upset at the thought that Sharon would be upset by my comments but I really doubt that she was offended.

"At the end of the day I made the comments on my Facebook page which is completely private so it never should have got out," she told the Diary.

"I admit that I made a mistake, I have always loved The Corrs so I would hate to upset her but I'm sick of Botox being judged and I'm sick of being judged for doing it myself.

"Everyone is attacking it and suggesting that no women in Ireland need to get it done but I'd say nearly 95pc of women here get it done," she said.

And the Derma Clinic owner said every woman in her thirties should get work done to look young and fresh.

"Everyone over the age of 31 needs to get light Botox," she said. Danielle will join half-Italian model Virginia Macari, socialite Lisa Murphy, business owner JJ Jordan and Dublin socialite Roz Flannigan. The mother of four is well known for being best friends with Joan Palmer, the glamorous mother of Claudine Keane.

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