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Bono and Ali sing duet of Lady Gaga hit for Eve's star-studded 21st birthday bash in Vegas

SUPERSTAR Bono left his daughter Eve blushing after giving her a very different sort of birthday present -- a family recorded version of hit tune Telephone.

The U2 frontman teamed up with his wife Ali to record their own adaptation of Lady Gaga and Beyonce's song for their actress child's 21st birthday.

The famous couple unveiled their duet of the popular tune at Eve's lavish birthday bash in Las Vegas over the weekend, and played it in front of their assembled guests.

Chart-topper Bono introduced the track himself at the Mirage Hotel's well-known 10AK nightclub, before sending Eve and her pals two bottles of Dom Perignon champagne.

Sipping her first legal drink in the US, the brunette laughed that "alcohol tastes weird".

The 52-year-old's take on the pop hit came after he admitted that U2 were having their best studio sessions in decades.

"We've had the best three weeks in the studio since 1979," he said.

A host of celebrity faces attended the party to toast Eve, including business mogul Jimmy Iovine, Wilmer Valderrama, Transformers director Michael Bay and basketball player Kobe Bryant.

Rapper Fabolous helped round out the set list for the evening and dedicated a song to the birthday girl from the stage.

Eve's big sister Jordan, who is studying in New York, was also there for the occasion.

But it was Bono's second gift -- the unexpected arrival of Eve's best friend Katie George -- which was the icing on the cake for the starlet.

Eve first met Wicklow local Katie (20) while they were in school.

Meanwhile, Eve's actor boyfriend James Lafferty tweeted his other half to wish her a happy birthday.

"It's only just begun for [Eve Hewson] Happy 21st to the legend of all legends," he wrote on Twitter.

Proud parents Bono and Ali bowed out of the party early and were spotted enjoying Cirque du Soleil's Love Show the next day.

Thanks to her famous dad, Eve is used to mingling with the world's biggest stars, but she admits she was tongue tied when Robbie Williams came to stay.

"I remember Robbie Williams coming to stay, because that was a really big deal and I was eight and obsessed with him," she said.

"He was staying in an annexe to the house. I had to tell him that lunch was ready. I was so excited, I ran so fast down the steps that I didn't see him coming. I ran smack into his crotch."