Thursday 14 December 2017

BOD says he's not so sure yet if television punditry is future for him

GOOD rugby pundits are hard to get -- look at Exhibit A George Hook on RTE.

Looking good, speaking with an insider's knowledge and possessing a humility which resonates with the viewer all combine to make the perfect panellist.

That's why Brian O'Driscoll's admission he's still not sure whether he's up to the job shows his character and sportsmanship.

The Leinster and Ireland star told the Herald that despite what critics described as his assured performance as a Sky Sports rugby commentator, he can't decide if it's for him.

"I went to test the water on that just to see if (punditry) was something I had an interest in," the 33-year-old star told me.

"And the jury is still out on whether I enjoyed that day or not."

BOD lined out for Sky alongside Dean Ryan and All Blacks legend Sean Fitzpatrick during Leinster's group game with Bath.

But the perfectionist admitted that he cannot be a proper pundit until his ties with his playing career are finally severed.

Or could it be the slagging he got from his Leinster teammates after the TV debut.

Commenting on his appearance, Rob Kearney joked to BOD that he had more make up on than a Mount Anville sixth year!



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