Saturday 16 December 2017

Blathnaid's keen to give her side of the story in tell-all book

SHE hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons last year following an alleged bullying row with her former Afternoon Show co-star Sheana Keane and now it looks like a tell-all book could finally reveal RTE star Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh's side of the story.

The mum of four has been approached about the possibility of penning an autobiography and is currently considering the offer, the Herald can reveal.

Blathnaid (39) admits she has been giving the prospect some careful thought since it was first put to her and has already begun making notes on her life.

The Meath-born presenter has not yet agreed to anything however and explained how her biggest concern is that she may not have enough life experience under her belt to warrant the publication of her own book.

"It has been mentioned but I haven't done anything yet," she told the Herald. "I've taken some notes and I suppose I've taken stock of my life.

"I've been writing some things down as I go along. I'd love to do something so I wouldn't rule it out but I think I'm probably too young to write a book about my career or anything like that yet.

"The woman I am now at 39 is not the same as I was nine years ago. I'm not even the same woman I was five years ago.

"Is there not something a bit pretentious about thinking people would want to read a book about you? I don't know, maybe when I have some more life experience.

"Besides if I wrote a book, I don't know if I'd ever work again," she joked.

Blathnaid went on to explain how she will turn to her close friend and Herald columnist Anna Nolan for advice if she does decide to go ahead with the book, as she is used to dealing with deadlines.

In the meantime, the TV star has another big project on her radar at the moment, with plans to travel to Togo later this month.

Blathnaid, who is an ambassador for children's charity Plan Ireland, sponsors a child there and says she is excited and nervous.

"I'm going out there on a field trip in mid-October. It's going to be a very quick and very intense three or four days," she said.

"Togo is just a small country beside Ghana and Nigeria, about the size of Ireland but 300,000 children go missing there every year. Where are they going? A lot of them have been put into sex trafficking.

"It's going to be rough. It's a beautiful country but I expect it to be quite difficult. You have to prepare yourself properly for it. While you're there you're just concentrating on doing the job that you're there to do."


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