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Blathnaid made EU minister... in new TV role

BLATHNAID for Brussels. It might be the easiest campaign slogan of all time and it appears the queen of daytime TV Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh has the look too.

This month we will see the fiery presenter leave the comfort of the Today show studio for the glamour and drama of a political race.

But don't worry, she doesn't want to be the next George Lee...the mum-of-four is just acting for a new TG4 satire called Crisis Eile.

And with her power suits, bouffant hair and political voguing, Blathnaid certainly looks the part.

In fact, as she poses for the camera, Blathnaid (42) reminds us of TD Mary Davis's Legally Blonde-style presidential posters.

Mary's posters may have failed to hit the mark, but Blathnaid looks every inch the dynamic politician.

Perhaps she, Gaybo, Marty Whelan and, of course, Miriam could form the basis of our next coalition?

Crisis Eile is already being likened to award-winning UK series The Thick Of It. It follows the trials and tribulations of Maeve Kelly-Clarke.

Blathnaid plays the lead role of Maeve; the newly appointed EU commissioner for "Culture, Heritage, Multilingualism and Climate Action".

The Meath native has admitted she is anxious about her first serious acting role.

"You're still nervous when you do something new at my stage in my life," she said.

"If I was asked to host anything on television tomorrow, it doesn't knock anything out of me, but this was very intense."

Like some of our women politicos, Maeve followed her father into a life of politics, and has never looked back -- or forward, for that matter.

But with a completely incompetent team surrounding her, to-ing and fro-ing to Brussels on discount airline 'Doyleair', living the political dream turns out not to be the idyllic and extravagant lifestyle that she thought.

Billed as 'a fiery woman who takes no prisoners', it's easy to see why the producers thought Blathnaid was the ideal candidate for the role.

Maeve is known for her scathing put-downs, her ambition and her passion for the eurozone.

In a way, it was the role Blathnaid was born to play.