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BB bosses seeking Irish housemates this week

THINK you could be the next Brian Dowling or Anna Nolan?

Big Brother is back and coming to Ireland -- intent on finding an Irish contestant for this year's series. Hopefuls must apply with a video and application form proving why they deserve a place as one of the 13 contestants on the show. The bigger the personality, the better say Big Brother bosses.

Auditions for the show are taking place all over Dublin this week and start in popular haunt Copperface Jacks on Thursday before moving to Harcourt Street nightclubs Diceys and Krystle on Friday.

On Saturday the auditions will start off in Dominion on O'Connell Street from 10pm before moving on to Lillie's Bordello from midnight and Club Nassau from 1am.

Applicants must be aged 18 or over and apply before February 28.