Wednesday 24 April 2019

Baz spooked by ghostly goings on as he films in supermarket

Fun-loving RTE presenter Baz Ashmawy has revealed he was "completely freaked out" after a member of his crew collapsed during a spooky encounter while filming his current Culture Clash series.

The Kimmage native told the Herald he was now a believer in the world of the supernatural since filming an upcoming episode for his popular series.

"We were in the shopping centre in Carlow that is very famous among the locals as being haunted.

"It is built on what used to be an old prison and lots of people were executed there.

"We went down with a group of guys called Leinster Paranormal, who are basically like the Irish ghost-busters but they are a team of electricians and plumbers that try to find any other explanations for paranormal activity. They have been to the shopping centre three or four times and can't explain what is going on.

"Basically we were in there for a few minutes and our soundman Mick Jones took a bit of a turn.

"He just had a very strange, weak feeling and had to dump his equipment and sit down for 20 minutes. I was completely freaked out.

"I'm not normally into the supernatural but I wouldn't believe or disbelieve in ghosts, I just think things can usually be explained.


"We filmed the episode at night and I kept saying why couldn't we have just done it during the daytime."

But while the incident did influence how Baz thinks of the supernatural, it didn't kill the sceptic in him.

"I'm a bit more of a believer now -- but I still think the soundman just had a bad curry or something."

Viewers will see on next Monday night's episode on RTE 2 as one of the production crew collapses after being overtaken by a strange presence in Carlow Shopping Centre.

Baz will also go to Donegal to find video evidence of UFO activity and, in a secret Wiccan witch ritual in Kells, he is put under hypnosis and brought back to meet his Egyptian fore-fathers.

Baz's Culture Clash, featuring his visit to Carlow, will be broadcast on Monday, September 28 on RTE 2 at 10.30 p.m.


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