Monday 22 January 2018

Author Cathy starts new chapter -- as a wife

SHE'S already a best-selling novelist and a devoted mother of twins, but now writer Cathy Kelly has taken on another big role -- as a wife.

The glamorous 44-year-old has revealed how she tied the knot with her long-term partner John Sheehan earlier this year, with an intimate ceremony and a party for family and friends in Wicklow.

Cathy, whose 12th novel Homecoming has just been released to rave reviews, revealed how the couple got married following an extensive campaign by their seven-year-old sons.

She explained: "Basically, we've been together for a long time and we've two boys, Murray and Dylan. And for some reason they knew we weren't married and I've no idea how they knew because when I was a kid that would never have occurred to me.


"They started saying 'when are you going to get married?', because they wanted a party. I think they knew that if you got married there would be a party involved. So that's how it happened, so we said okay."

She added: "I heard Anthony Cronin on the radio recently and he was talking about his wedding and he said the troth had been plighted a long time ago but that it was still special to get married and that's how it was for us."

The best-selling author completed the manuscript for Homecoming just two days before the wedding in March, leaving her little time to behave like "a Bridezilla".

However, she insisted that the big day was "very laid-back. My attitude was that everyone can wear what they want. I just wanted people to turn up and be happy".

She added: "People used to say that I write romantic books, and I don't think I do. I've always been an incredible realist. I was never one of those kids who grew up with a Barbie wedding concept in my head. And yet it was just so moving and touching and lovely to get married."

The couple's young sons certainly got the celebration they desired, as Cathy and John marked their wedding with a low-key dinner party in Wicklow. They even managed to keep the occasion a complete secret, revealing the details to the Herald this week.

"I didn't tell anyone," explained Cathy. "I kept it very quiet. I wanted to do it under the radar. I was slightly obsessed about wanting it to be quiet. I just wanted it to be for us."

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