Saturday 20 January 2018

Are Commitments returning to 'nicer' Dublin?

IT'S been 20 years since The Commitments was released and back then Ireland was a very different place.

The original cast of Alan Parker's film were largely unknown in 1991 but since then many have gone on to achieve considerable success in the world of singing (Maria Doyle Kennedy) and acting (Angeline Ball) -- with Glen Hansard even managing to bag an Oscar for his song Once Along The Way.

In an Ireland hit by recession, it seems a good time for the cast to reform for a series of gigs early next year as people look back to when the country was perhaps a simpler place to live.

Hansard certainly seems to think so.

"In some ways, I feel Dublin has gone back to being a nicer city to be in. There is an up side too -- there's definitely a touch of arrogance in us in the last bunch of years and I'm glad to see that gone," he said.

And it appears that many Dubliners agree with him.

Mary Forde, of Leopardstown, said: "I'd agree with him. There's a lot more goodwill around because most people are struggling."

Aoife Roberts (24), from Dublin 8 agreed: "Yes, I think that people are a bit less arrogant since the recession kicked in."

Erica Gahen (18), from Templeogue said: "Dubliners today are more considerate of each other. I think it's good they're reforming because lots of people love the film. I'd go to see them and bring my nan."

Paul Johnston (20), of Clondalkin, said: "I think we were a bit arrogant. People are more accepting these days."

And Colum Coffey (20), of Templeogue, said: "I agree. Younger people were probably more arrogant because they knew no better. It's back to reality now."

And what do they think about the cast of The Commitments reforming?

Sean McBride (19), from Swords, thinks it's a great film, but that they'll struggle to fill the O2.

Aoife Conroy (17), from Rialto, would go to see them and so would her whole family. She thinks that they'll definitely sell out in Castlebar.

Mary Forde said: "People of a certain age will go and see them. And also people looking for a bit of nostalgia. Glen Hansard will be a big draw."

Paul Johnston thinks it's good that they're reforming. "I think that's cool that they're getting back together," he said. "Older people will go to the gigs but I'd consider going myself."

Colum Coffey thinks it's great that Hansard is involved. "He'll bring people in. I like the film and I'd go to the gig depending on the price," he said.

Aoife Roberts thinks it's really cool. "I'd probably go," she said. "It would be good to see how they'd changed over the years," she said.

Serena Bannon (18), from Rathmines, said: "It's a good idea. Everyone knows the film and people will go to see them perform because of that. It'll remind them of a different Ireland.


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