Saturday 16 December 2017

Apprentice star who shed five stone is hungry for success

APPRENTICE hopeful Barry Caesar Hunt dropped a massive five stone in the space of just four months.

This photo shows just how much weight the outspoken Dubliner shed in a short space of time.

The slimmed-down entrepreneur revealed his huge weight loss on the TV3 reality show as he was tasked with finding a healthy eating menu.

Barry (32) weighed in at 16 stone about two years ago but friends said that when he started eating healthily, he found that the pounds just dropped off him.

"It took him four months in total to lose all the weight," a friend said.

"His weight eventually dropped to 11 stone 6 pounds."

Barry was once a millionaire businessman but lost it all due to the downturn in the economy.

He was left with a huge number of companies owing him money, but pals said that the driven entrepreneur never lost his hunger for business even when everything was gone.

Barry retrained and has set up his own business with a barber shop.

Starting from scratch, he opened a small shop last year.

In the second programme of The Apprentice, Barry was on the losing team who compiled a healthy eating menu plan and advertisement for weight loss company, Unislim.


The health-conscious businessman said that they researched what women in the house would like to eat and amended the plan accordingly.

And in shopping for the healthy meal he insisted that there would be no high fat or high carbohydrate content.

"No noodles -- noodles are the devil," he said.

When quizzed by Ray D'Arcy about the research for his presentation, Barry revealed that he had struggled with managing his weight. "You obviously don't need Unislim," Ray said to Barry. "What did you do to understand the kind of people who would be using this?"

Barry replied: "I am that type of person -- I was 16 stone literally a year ago. Literally by eating healthy, literally by cooking well."

But Barry was criticised by Bill Cullen in the boardroom for putting together a "boring menu" which consisted of porridge, chicken and tuna.

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