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Aoibhin suffers for her art in costume corset

ACTRESS Aoibhin Garrihy almost fainted the first time she got into character for her latest Oscar Wilde role. The 24-year-old told the Herald she felt dizzy and found it hard to breathe when she put on a corset.

The corset is part of her period costume for The Gate's production of A Woman Of No Importance during rehearsals.

The Fair City star, who is best known to audiences as Carrigstown's Neasa Dillon, revealed that she found them extremely "tough" to get used to, after years of simple wardrobe options on the long-running RTE soap.

"I found them hard to get used to and even just for breathing -- especially because the lines are so long with Oscar Wilde and are so articulate. At the best of times, you can struggle with breath.

"Initially I had a bit of an incident, I get really dizzy and light-headed, so you think, 'Oh that's why the women would always faint and had fans'.

"They restrict you a little. We introduced them early on to get comfortable in them and it took me a while to be honest, the more experienced actors were more used to them, but I'm finding them easier now.

"They aren't very pleasant, but you have to suffer to be beautiful, you have to grin and bear it."

Clare native Aoibhin admitted that while she didn't undergo any drastic exercise or diet regimes in preparation for her part, she still has to watch herself when it comes to splurging on food to zip into her costume.

"You just to be careful, especially because the costumes are made for us and we were fitted weeks ago. You have to maintain a balanced diet and routine.

"I tend to try and eat healthy anyway ... as an actor you have to mind yourself, you're the business -- you just have to maintain yourself," she added.

Aoibhin is currently on stage with the production until September and will be doubling up with her day job at Montrose over the course of the show's eight-week run.

She added: "I start back on Fair City in August and will be working until Christmas, so I won't have a break until then, but I know I'm lucky."