Wednesday 16 January 2019

Anna goes back to her bad habits

Sister act: Ex nun and Herald columnist speaks out in daring interview

HOLY cow -- Anna Nolan is back to her old bad habits after years of being a nun on the run.

The former Big Brother star and Herald columnist fled the nunnery 20 years ago, but this week she gets back to the old times.

Herald readers will know the former reality TV star from her no-holds-barred column every Tuesday, but you have never seen her like this before.

Nolan shot to fame on the first series of Big Brother in 2000, and her colourful personal life instantly made her a household name.

Although more than a decade has passed, Anna has remained as daring as ever, as this cover shot for The Dubliner clearly shows.

The Rialto woman has little problem discussing her interesting personal life, including the 'lesbian former nun' tag afforded to her during the Big Brother series in 2001.

"It was my tag for the show, the way they had 'Liverpudlian builder Craig' or 'Tourette's Pete'," she said.

"You are given a label and that's it, you just have to wear it. And you know, I put those details on my application form knowing full well they'd hone in on it, so it's not a label that bothers me at all.

"I did mind for a period of maybe two or three years after it, but now it's over a decade ago, and it has all worked out very well for me."

Anna left the Loreto nuns 21 years ago after spending two years there.

She is now in a relationship with Emmy-winning director Dearbhla Walsh, with whom she shares a home on South Circular Road.

The acid-tongued TV presenter turned producer had no problem returning to her religious roots posing for these fun pictures.

And while she holds nothing back in her weekly Herald column, she admitted that she does feel the heat from scorned celebrities who have taken her comments to heart.


"I get the odd little, how do I phrase this, bit of advice from organisations. RTE get a little put out sometimes," she revealed.

"I never mind a phone call, I never mind an email, I love responding to people. But occasionally you get a message via somebody, 'Anna, be careful. Anna, better look out'. I got that this year. And there is no way to respond because you haven't heard it directly from somebody.

"And I cannot abide people who are not willing to confront me to my face. It was kind of freaky though, 'Anna better be careful'. Very Sopranos, in an Oirish way."

Read Anna's entire interview in The Dubliner magazine, only in tomorrow's Herald

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