Wednesday 13 December 2017


FISHERMEN catch everything from old boots to beer bottles, and even the occasional fish, but rarely does anyone get a catch like Pat O'Flaherty.

The 75-year-old was shocked when he landed a wedding ring.

The Cork native, an executive of the Federation of Irish Salmon and Sea Trout Anglers, was fishing in the Lee last weekend when he came upon a small box.

He managed to retrieve it and realised it was a jewellery box with a gold wedding band inside.

A jeweller told Mr O'Flaherty that the ring, which was made for a man, was worth over €400.

He is now determined to find the ring's owner to hand it back.

"I'd like to give it back to whoever lost it ... or threw it away. Maybe they're having second thoughts," he said.

Mr O'Flaherty believes that the jewellery box and the ring could not have been in the water for very long as they were not damaged by their immersion in the cold water.

However, he could not tell where the ring originally came from as the Inniscarra Dam had been opened at the time and the river was in flood so the ring could easily have changed location.

"It could have come down the Lee, or the Shournagh, or the Bride ... God knows," he explained.

"But wouldn't it be great if we could get it back to its owner?"

The ring's true owner will need to give him details of the inscription inside the piece of jewellery.


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