Sunday 8 December 2019

Amazing double life of Dublin teacher who's off to party at Playboy HQ

SCHOOL'S OUT: Jenny swaps biology lessons for lingerie in Hollywood

SCHOOL'S out for Dublin teacher Jenny Dixon -- who is swapping lessons for living it up at the Playboy mansion.

As the Leaving Cert enters it second week, the maths and biology teacher jets off today for a summer most teachers -- and pupils -- can only dream of.

The 28-year-old, who works at a north Dublin boys school, is heading stateside for her third year and looking forward to a host of acting gigs and invites to the world's best parties and clubs.

"All my students have finished their exam prep and I've done all my tuition, so I'm off," said Jenny.

"An soon as I hit LA, I'll be getting my tan done, hair done and teeth done and it'll be a very different, much more glamorous Miss Dixon to what my pupils are used to."

The teacher, who last year scored a role in Taio Cruz's music video for Dynamite, will be taking on a stage role at New Stage Theatre and has meetings lined up with top Hollywood producers for acting and presenting gigs.


She said: "I have a lunch arranged with Eddie Murphy's production company and a meeting with the producers of a high profile TV series. It's a show everyone has heard of and if I got a part it would be an amazing opportunity."

But top of the list for Jenny will be stopping by the Playboy Mansion to wish Hugh Hefner (85) and Crystal Harris (24), congratulations on their wedding later this week.

The couple tie the knot this Saturday. And while some have been quick to raise eyebrows at the Playboy mogul's relationship with playmate Crystal -- and their 61 year age gap -- Jenny insists it's true romance.

She said: "I'll have to try and get them a gift, but I've been so busy packing it might be something Irish from the airport on my way out.

"I don't know if I'll be at the wedding itself but I imagine there'll be a lot of celebrations that will go on for a few days. If there's one thing they do well at the Playboy Mansion it's parties."

The Dubliner has been rubbing shoulders with A-listers such as Simon Cowell at parties for several years at the legendary mansion.

This summer she's looking forward to getting her sexy lingerie on -- Hef's parties come with a underwear dress code -- and heading to the Midsummer Nights Dream Party and Kandyland event as well as day time fun filmed for MTV's Bunnyhouse and Girl Next Door.

Jenny added: "I love having a double life and come September I'll be happy to be standing back in front of a class full of pupils talking about science and sums again."

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