Saturday 23 March 2019

Adele denies stage school has closed

STUDENTS at the Adele King Theatre School have been left anxious as it appears the renowned stage school may have closed down.

The well-known performing arts school has been in existence since 2002 and is headed by Adele King, better known as panto queen Twink.

However, parents of those attending the school have this month come forward to express their concerns as the school seems to have shut up shop without notice.

According to one parent: "It looks like they're not coming back at all this year and have completely stopped operating. People have been trying to ring the numbers provided for the school and they're just ringing out constantly.

"One man who has had his son there for three or four years even went down to the Greenhill's building to the room where it used to be held to see if he could find out what was going on, and he was told the room hadn't been rented by the group this year."

School owner Ms King has denied that the school is closing down.

In an email to the Herald she said that due to "work commitments and a management restructure in the school, we will be starting back in early 2009".The actress said she was in the process of sending out letters to parents explaining that the school would not be back until the New Year.


"Our school is most definitely not closing down -- in fact, it is going from strength to strength, and the new management team will only enhance the school," she wrote.

In the meantime, parents have been left with no idea what has happened to the theatre school.

"Understandably everyone is very annoyed because clearly Adele is still around and in the country as she's in a show at the moment and has been doing a lot of press," said the group of parents.

Another anxious parent has set up an online forum searching for information as to what has become of the school.

The post reads: "Does anyone know what has happened to AKTS, Adele King Theatre School in Castleknock?

"My son was a member but it hasn't returned after the summer. I have tried all the phone numbers I have and they all ring out. Are they closed down or have they moved?"

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