Sunday 17 December 2017

A note of rivalry between singer Claire and Hayley

SINGER turned entrepreneur Claire Malone says she isn't afraid of competition from Hayley Rock.

Claire, who just celebrated the third birthday of her party business Create Your Night, has insisted that her company is nothing like Hayley's new business Concierge Dublin.

Musician Claire and former Lillie's VIP manager Hayley are now business rivals as they fight for the same clients to wine and dine around Dublin.

But Claire, who spent the last ten years touring with The Commitments, says she doesn't mind a little competition.

Instead the ambitious blonde, who counts Keith Duffy, Brian Kennedy and Leigh Arnold as her close pals, says she finds it flattering that other people have taken inspiration from her business.

Speaking to the Diary, Claire said: "A couple of people I know have popped up with the same kind of things. Imitation is the best flattery. I'm not very worried about competition. Hayley is looking for more higher end, I can do that as well, but I do that cheaper.

"I wish Hayley all the best but I try and do things more fun, that's the difference between us. For me it's all about having a good time, you can party and you will be looked after."

Meanwhile the successful businesswoman revealed plans to reboot her music career.

"I am writing again now and I'm loving it," she said.

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