Friday 14 December 2018

A magazine deal for our wedding pictures? Not even for €10m says BOD

RUGBY hero Brian O'Driscoll has revealed that he and his new bride Amy Huberman were completely "taken aback" by the coverage for their summer wedding.

Their July wedding was hailed as the 'showbiz wedding of the year', with thousands of fans descending on Leitrim to catch a glimpse of the famous pair on their big day.

Brian and actress Amy (both 31) celebrated their wedding at Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim last summer, with some of the country's best known faces joining them for the occasion.

And while they are one of the most famous couples in the country, he said that they never considered selling the pictures from their big day to a glossy magazine.

"Yeah, we were a bit taken aback by it, in the nicest possible way," he said.

"The whole lot of it was very positive. You know, it's funny the way people talk about it. 'Oh fair play to them, they didn't go for the magazine deal'. That didn't even come into the mindset. Not for a second was it even a contemplation."

However, the Ireland and Leinster hero joked that he was happy to revel in the compliments.

"But listen, we'll take the kudos," he joked. "'Fair play to you'. 'Ah, thanks a lot. Yeah, it was a really tough decision'!"

"You know if you're offered a million quid for your wedding day, I wouldn't take a million quid.

"Your wedding day is, you know, your own. I wouldn't do it for 10 million quid.

"Really. No interest whatsoever in someone ordering me around on what photos to do."

Although he was recently quoted as saying that he and his new wife are so busy that "they just pass each other on stairs", he emphasised that spending time with Amy will always be his number one priority, and the comment was made tongue-in-cheek.

"Work is great and everything, but there's definitely more important things," he said.

"Like enjoying life, enjoying one another's company.

"When our schedules are hectic, we definitely make time to hang out together and just do the regular stuff like everyone else."

Brian has just signed up to play for Leinster until 2013, and he hopes to do so with Ireland too.

He jetted off to London earlier this week to attend the launch of the Six Nations tournament, which will be kicking off tonight.

As his career continues to go from strength to strength, he admitted that he is happier than ever with his work.

"You have to be on your guard because you'll get cut down over anything," he said.

"But I really enjoy what I'm doing, probably more so now than I can ever remember."

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