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Aisling opens up about partner Nick's cancer battle: 'We've got a lot to celebrate this Christmas'


Aisling O'Loughlin

Aisling O'Loughlin

AIsling O'Loughlin and partner Nick

AIsling O'Loughlin and partner Nick

Aisling O'Loughlin

Tv3 presenter Aisling O'Loughlin is counting her blessings this Christmas after a tough year during which her partner Nick battled cancer.

The Xpose star's long-term partner Nick MacInnes was diagnosed with cancer of the blood cells in January, but after he was given the all-clear, Aisling (36) is looking forward to a family Christmas with their two boys, Patrick and Louis.

"We have a lot to celebrate this year. Nick is here to celebrate and that could have been very different," she told the Herald.

"So we are celebrating life itself this year and counting our blessings. It's a very special Christmas for us."

Although this year they'll be sticking to store-bought turkey rather than raising their own one.

"Last year we got a turkey and tried to raise it for Christmas dinner but we grew too attached so we ended up going down the supermarket and buying one," she revealed.

"I could never muster up the courage to pluck it. I don't know where the turkey went. He flew off after Christmas so he's flying over Ireland," she added.

Aisling and Nick have been together for years and she admits she feels under pressure to emulate the glamorous weddings of her Xpose co-stars.

"Standards are very high now - too high. The pressure of it all puts me off it," she admits.

"When I look at Glenda (Gilson) in Doonbeg and Lisa (Cannon) is looking at all these castles and Karen (Koster) got married in Italy and Sean (Munsanje) in Kerry was immaculate.

"I'm the worst at throwing a party - it will be just hay and chickens. If you're going to do a wedding there is a level of pressure to have everything perfect and I'm just not at that point in my head even.

"Maybe one day when the kids are a bit older, if we finally manage to save any bit of money," she added.

While Aisling admits she doesn't think she'll have any more children, her co-presenter Karen Koster has finished work and is awaiting her new arrival next month.

"I'm delighted for Karen, she is growing week by week and is absolutely glowing," Aisling gushed.