Saturday 16 December 2017

Aisling can't wait for Karen 
to have a baby, but she won't be dishing out tips

HER TV3 co-host has just announced she is expecting a baby and Aisling O'Loughlin "can't wait" for mum-to-be Karen Koster to welcome a little addition.

Aisling has been the only full-time Xposé anchor to juggle work and family so far and she told the Diary she's looking forward to having another mother on the team.

And even though she's gone through pregnancy twice, Aisling (inset) insisted she's not going to be swamping Killiney gal Karen with advice about how best to handle parenthood.

"It's great there'll be another mum in Ballymount, but there's nothing like over advising someone - everyone's experience is different," she said.

"It's a vulnerable time too though and you need protection and to be minded, so she'll have all that from us.

"If she wants advice I'll give it to her, but I won't be dishing it out by any means."


Karen revealed her baby news this week, but Clare native Aisling and pal Lisa Cannon have known for a while.

"She told us a few weeks ago and there was a lot of excitement because we knew she has really wanted a baby.

"We're just unbelievably thrilled for her.

"It's funny, myself and Sybil Mulcahy had a hunch at the VIP Style Awards a couple of months ago because we were all at the same table and she wasn't quite drinking her wine."

Karen and her hubby John McGuire celebrated their first wedding anniversary last month.

Aisling said the loved-up couple will be naturals at balancing midnight feeds and nappy changes.

"They are such kind, warm people that they'll do an incredible job as parents.

"She's so happy and she and John are doing it the right way, getting married and having a baby after - I'm the opposite way," she laughed.

Meanwhile, after what has been a rough year so far for the broadcaster, bubbly Aisling is enjoying her other half Nick MacInnes being home following his cancer treatment.

The photographer has been undergoing chemotherapy since earlier this year.

"We had our first outing since he's been out of hospital to the Curragh racecourse over the weekend and it was just gorgeous," Aisling said.

"He went nuts and it was a really pleasant day, I was delighted for him.

"It will be five years really until he has the all-clear, but he responded to treatment well."

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