Friday 15 December 2017

A head-to-toe tour 
of oils: you should really try all of these!


VICHY Neovadiol 
Magistral Elixir


I want to bathe in this stuff. Formulated for mature skins, this is a regenerating oil that sinks in like a shot - but not before its wonderfully silky texture encourages you to massage it into your face like you were a spa professional. My skin glowed after every use. Can you tell I love this? Love it!

for Hair and Scalp


Small, with a fiddly dispenser, you may want to give up on this one from the off, never mind the spend - but don't! This is as invigorating a treat as your scalp is likely to get. Used once a month, say, this will in fact last you the guts of a year. That's €8 per month, peeps!

WELLA PROFESSIONALS SP Luxe Oil Keratin Professional Spray

€25.50 HHHHI

Smells amazing, works like a dream. This little spray is great for styling the hair when it's wet, before blow drying, and afterwards to chase down those flyaways. The rub? It really is a little can for that amount of money. I save mine for days when I need posh hair.

GARNIER BODY Ultimate Beauty Oil

€11.99 HHHHI

Once you start spraying you have to commit to covering your entire bod: the moment you get some oil on your hands, it becomes increasingly difficult to hold the bottle. Common sense, until you start dripping all over your carpet. This feels amazing going on, and the scent is to die for.

L'OCCITANE Amande Supple Skin Oil


Oh, I love the scent of almond, and L'Occitane do this so, so well. Again: hands become slippery, and this bottle is made of glass, so especially hard to handle once you get going. Stick with it: your skin will be delicious, in so many ways.

Repair Serum

€71.70 HHHHI

They left out a word in the name of this product: magical. A few drops of an evening before bedtime, and you awaken looking as fresh as the day you were born. It is a bit fiddly to shake out of the container, which I found vexing - but probs just as well, as I would have used too much. Easy does it!

I was terrified of using oils anywhere on my body, and now I could drench myself in them every day. Someone like JLaw always looks shiny - is she an oil enthusiast like me?

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